Creator interview: Vaunn yevo

In these creator interview posts, I’ll be asking a series of questions to people using AI tools for their work or artwork.
I hope you will enjoy the read and learn one or two useful things ;).

Madebyai: Can you tell us who you are and how you ended up Doing Ai generated art?

Vaunn: Hi, I am Vaunn Yevo. I am a Visual Artist specializing in High-Luxury Photography and Creative Brand Strategy. I have been in the Creative industry since 1999 and haven’t stopped since. I started out at a very young age when I finished a Fine Arts Academy and moved onto Graphic Design with a degree from college and fell in love with Advertising, especially in the Luxury Sector.

Ai came to my life, as if almost naturally. I always embraced new technologies, especially when I was one of the first website creative designers back in the early 2000’s.

I love Ai, feels like an extension to my creativity. I feel REBORN, to be honest. Feels incredible knowing how much more I can push my skills of over 20 years into the realms of absolute UNLIMITED CREATIVITY. It all feels surreal but yet so real in today’s ever-revolving world.

I stumbled onto Midjourney by seeing it announced by one of my connections on LinkedIn. And joined almost immediately right after I read the article. Little did I know it was just about to bloom into a huge explosion of Artists experimenting with the app. And of course there’s Dall-e and other applications.

Madeyai: I can see that you are really deep into art and have a pretty solid experience from print to web3 and many things in between, From your POV, what is the best use of AI art generator for the moment?

Vaunn: Web 3 came to me very naturally I have always been on the lookout for something different and more exciting. Once I tried Midjourney – I was hooked instantly. And excitement came over me and I realized that this is NEW FUTURE.

Art has always been part of my work commercially especially. Art is the only language that can speak through any culture, vibe, nationality, aesthetic, strategy … you name it!

And it is not surprising to me that by PROMT-ing language we now get an unlimited resource of Art inspirations and aspirations.

Ai Art generator can be used in so many ways, everything from fantasy to real-life commercialism, including Artistic expressionism, political and so on… the usage for Ai is unlimited in my POV.

“Just OPEN YOUR EYES. And you shall see!”

Madebyai: We don’t see yet a lot of print projects of AI artwork but I think it’s gonna blow up soon ( and I am also exploring this space ^^ ), what do you think is needed for AI print to spread more?

Vaunn: I am already exploring the Ai generator for Print use. For example my Magazines like and

It’s a great way to express yourself without any problematic issues like certain legalities with contracts, rights, model placements and so on. Plus it’s a great way to explore what you’re ant before you can dive into any project. This tool, gives your a great glimpse into what can be before you try it- without restrictions. (Most of the time)

Madebyai: You started a fashion magazine 12 years ago and you recently created some AI artwork for the covers, how went this process?

Vaunn: I love creating artworks for my magazines. I did create a few digital covers and the whole process was absolutely astonishing and easy. The only thing I had to worry about was my own limits on creativity. And of course, relying on my experiences of over 20 years did help with that process.

I saw some of the presentations with Web3 at the NYFW and wasn’t very impressed or inspired. I was shocked. This Ai tool is like a magic wand… but you must know how to use it; so I am assuming experience and knowledge of “your own” craft does matter. Just because it’s Ai, it doesn’t mean it’s gonna be generating only masterpieces. So humans are still an integral part of this experience and creation.

One thing I should mention that is also very important: Ai doesn’t create perfect imagery – Edit, Edit, Edit, and then Edit some more, before you are satisfied with your creation. Just like any tool out there, we still need humans to make it to the finish line and present something that is well executed.

Madebyai: What were the pain points?

Vaunn: Some of the pain points would be the way Ai renders. Ai is still having issues showing faces, fingers, limbs, and body parts that are very disproportionate or sometimes too abstract and don’t make sense in real life – for both animals, creatures and humans alike.

Depending on the app these problems are very common – however after much detailed renderings and editing by adjusting your prompts, you will eventually get really amazing and truly stunning results.

Keep at it and don’t give up. The more you practice the better you understand how Ai is working with you.

But Ai still has some ways to go until it reaches its greatest potential yet. I, personally cannot wait. And the way things are going, we won’t have to wait too long for these kinds of achievements; and I mean as in months – not in years and/or decades, as previously predicted.

Madebyai: What do you think is the next big thing that gonna happen in the next couple of weeks/months, ai-tech related?

Vaunn: I am honestly at a loss for worlds (lol)!!

This is such an exciting time everything I see online keeps getting better and better. And we are also seeing brand new creativity and talent emerge. Very exciting times!!! Very exciting technologies! We are definitely living through the Age of Aquarius.

It may seem a bit resistant and the pressure to perform has gone to a whole new level, but progress ain’t easy and it certainly is painful at times. But ones all that wears off and peacocks can see through this technology with more knowledge and acceptance, everything will start to have a nice flow.

And of course, there are always people and organizations that will try to manipulate and distort the great image of Ai. But I believe that people are mostly good with best intentions and GREATNESS will prevail.

Madebyai: With your experience using the tools, you probably discovered a couple of tips and tricks, which ones would you be ok to share with our audience? ( Can be related to AI art or AI text or both )

Vaunn: What I have discovered is something very crucial and important (at least for me). The more you diversify your promting (generating) development, the more Ai learns from your inclusions.

I have been able to generate people of all colors, cultures, genders and so on… It comes with so much ease into my creations now… and my work becomes even more interesting and beautiful.

Madebyai: what is the next thing you are going to try using Ai tools?

Vaunn: I am going to be opening an open door soon for all Artists worldwide to submit to my magazines – so I can showcase some of the great work out there!

So many talents that are emerging! It’s exciting and they all should be acknowledged.

I want to do my small part in that.

Madebyai: Where can people find more about you?

Vaunn: My Art website:

My Company website: (site in development)

My Magazine website:

I want to say a big thank you to Vaunn for sharing these insights with us, check also some of his creations that I added in the “ studies “ section.

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